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Speed ​​, rhythm, straightness , balance , bend , softness , flexibility , progress , attitude and transitions. Proper nutrition, musculoskeletal injury prevention . It is challenging to get the full potential out of a trotter.

Arild Berås have been passionate about horses his whole life. In 2003 he had his own stable at Sørlandets Travpark - Stall Berås. The stables have often succeeded in getting "tough horses" to perform. Aril Berås says: "It is about building relationship with the horse, creating environmental and structured approach to optimize all parameters that make exactly this horse good".

In trotting, it is about small margins and they are always looking for better ways of doing things. The market is flooded with various products and news that claims to revolutionize the sport. After many years in the ring you will be somewhat skeptical of trying new things.

The winter of 2014/15 Stall Berås still did an exception and started a pilot project with biogenetic heat. In autumn 2014 two heating panels where installed in the washing area and a panel in the stall to newly acquired Cherokee News.


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