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Biogenetic IR heating creates a very comfortable climate within the home. IR heating panels warm the surfaces in a house directly, such as the floor and walls, which in turn heat the air in each room. Conventional heating systems only heat the air.

Biogenetic Infrared Heating


  • Reduce your current heating costs by up to 70%
  • No carbon emissions
  • Improves skin
  • Assists in the rehabilitation of injuries
  • Reduces damp and mold
  • Creates a more comfortable and healthy environment


ThermIQ heating panels
ThermIQ heating panels differ from conventional heating systems by generating infrared heat. Infrared heat benefits health, is eco-friendly, efficient and energy saving. ThermIQ heating panels are available in different sizes and textures and can be used to heat an entire house/apartment/office building, or specific areas such as bathrooms, hallways, gardens or terraces. The heating panels can be installed within every room of a building or can be used as an addition to your existing heating system. When winter hits, energy costs rise due to more frequent use of conventional heating systems. ThermIQ offers consistent heat all year round as well as savings on energy costs. ThermIQ heating panels in combination with an electronic control and room thermostat only use 40-60% of their input power. Another huge benefit of choosing ThermIQ heating panels is the semiconductor layer/paste we apply to our panels rather than the metal filaments used in traditional panels. The paste lasts substantially longer, saving money and disruption to the panel. The Agricultural panel is fully enclosed and waterproof; hence, it is easy to clean.With far infrared warmth the relative humidity remains virtually constant.


Take a look and see how we can apply our services to your business or home


For many years, infrared has been successfully used in agriculture. Using Biogenetic infrared heating panel offers many advantages over conventional infrared! In contrast to traditional infrared, this heating panel produces biogenetic far-infrared waves without high surface temperatures. Because with this heating technology the power cycles on and off without affecting the output, there is a significant reduction in energy consumption!



Infrared heaters can be a good solution to heat up industrial premises. This often requires multiple panels to warm up a fixed number of cubic meters. Infrared heaters are discreetly mounted into the ceiling, or can be used as eye-catching panels on the walls. Large areas can be heated selectively so that only the work-areas are heated, not the entire space.



Our IR-panels can be easily inserted in the ceiling or on the walls of offices or studios. They give companies an environmentally-friendly image. And they can be taken off easily if you need to move to other premises.Infrared panels are the most efficient solution for offices or workshops with old heating systems.



Using long-wave infrared, all the mass is heated by the infrared rays emitted from the panels (plants, walls, ceilings, floors and interior). This mass / these objects gives heat emitted from the panels. Therefore, the room is not heated by the heat panel, as such, but is heated from the masses / the objects interior. When using traditional heating systems the energy is transferred to the air. Warm air rises to the ceiling where it releases heat. After cooling the air is lowered and a new heating circuit begins. In the greenhouses there is often condensation due to large temperature differences between heated air and the walls and ceiling of the greenhouse. The combination of the traditional air circuit is limited or eliminated. The radiation from the panels also heats the inside of the walls, which lead to reduced problems from the differences in temperature and condensation. With ThermIQ's infrared heat remains the relative humidity almost constant. This minimizes moisture, contamination of ground and reduces the growth of bacteria and mold.Lexin's agriculture panel is completely sealed and waterproof; therefore, it is easy to clean. The heating panels are easy to install and maintenance-free (clean as needed). ThermIQ's agriculture panel is completely sealed and waterproof; therefore, it is easy to clean. The heating panels are easy to install and maintenance-free (clean as needed).




Infrared heating is beneficial even in hospitals. An increasing number of medical environments such as pharmacies and laboratories choose to install infrared heating panels. Infrared heating in a hospital is chosen for different reasons such as:


  • Bacteria spread less quickly. 

  • Hygienic: The smooth, flat and white panels are designed to be attached to the wall or ceiling. They can be cleaned easily and they don’t collect dust.

  • Healthy: infrared radiation is a natural comfortable way of heating that doesn’t make the air dry out. IR radiation has a beneficial effect on people with muscle aches and joint pain. 

  • Energy efficient: save up to 70% on the energy bill by heating with infrared.

  • Space-saving: by attaching the thin panels on the wall, valuable space can be saved in a small hospital room.

  • Safe: Infrared heaters will not overheat. They can be integrated as towel heaters. There is much less risk of fire than with conventional methods of heating.



This picture is from Subway where you can see that our heating panels are used. Our heating panels give your customers a nice warmth. You also keep bacteria away and your energy bill down. This is a long term energy saving solution at its best.



For outdoor restaurants or for you own balcony it is a very good idea to use the ThermIQ heating panels instead of the gas burners (that soon will be illegal), or the IR lamps that give a very intense warmth, which gives you head aces if you sit under it too long.



The ThermIQ panels can also be used as a homogeneous and environmentally friendly heating for use in a camper / caravan / caravan tent. Tired of a raw and damp caravan, you also want to extend the camping season, we have what you are looking for. The ThermIQ IR Heating Panels are approved and tested in the EU and contribute to a good health. With the IR heating panels the relative humidity remains constant. This minimizes moisture and growth of bacteria and mold. The panels are energy efficient and in addition they are easy to install, they have no maintenance, no wear and has a long life spend.

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