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Our primary strategic goal is to give our customers a better solution for an environmental friendly energy supply. This solution is consisting of a new heating technology and photovoltaic. We have a combination of the two, or they can be used separate with both being a good solution. We want to show our customers how they can save energy and money at the same time. 

Our vision is to combine international standards with each other, and thus to pave the way both for private consumers as well as for larger companies in terms of environmentally friendly energy solutions.

ENSAMA is a newly founded company and serves customers so far in 12 European countries. We bring the energy efficiency of buildings of all kinds up to an environmental friendly standard. Customers should receive incentives to improve the climate in their own areas significantly. Our aim is both to protect the environment and create a pleasant atmosphere for all our customers. 


We combine a unique, advanced infrared heating technology with photovoltaic. This creates synergies that will benefit the consumer and is perfect for both individuals and for businesses. This combination is unique and can save our customers up to 70 percent energy. 

We offer comprehensive consulting, create proposals, develop solutions, and we plan and carry out projects. Our service package is unique in Europe. We create connections between architects, manufacturers, energy consultants and the customer. Our strength is to convey an idea that you can confidently call on the energy sector as a revolutionary. Our solutions are customized individually in each country. Efficiency and effectiveness in ENSAMA subject to constant review. We are committed to quality assurance and continuous monitoring of our customers, to provide healthy, affordable and environmentally friendly solutions.

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